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The Scent of God - Saikat Majumdar [Book Review]

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The Scent of God by Saikat Majumdar is the story of Anirvan, who discovers the beauty of meditation and monastic life at an all-boys school. Anirvan, often called Yogi in his meditative state, is mesmerized by the sensual aspects of monastic life, the hymns, the smell of incense, the flowers, the colour saffron, and also the soothing touch of his classmate Kajol.
The book is about the attractions and tensions that life in a celibate order enforces. The book is unsettling in the questions it raises and made me uncomfortable with the reality of some scenes because as a nation we are only beginning to open up to different types of relationships. But the maturity and subtlety of Saikat’s writing is like the white bedcover I sought out. The writing is well-paced and enjoyable. It sucks you in as you enjoy the words and swallow the forbidden.
And the end, as smooth as its revelatory is an eye opener.
Read the book for all that it reveals about life in celibate, monastic orders.
Goodreads Rating: 4*

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