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I am a mother of two lovely girls, an Instructional Designer and an author. I have been writing educational content for several years now on subjects ranging from IT to finance and soft skills. Though, I love Instructional Design I also like writing fiction.

So after returning to work post Maternity Leave, while I waited to get staffed on a project, I wrote my first novella Or Forever Hold Your Peace. That's when I also submitted a short story for a contest, which got published in Chicken Soup for the Soul Indian College Students.

I am currently working on my second book and also penning short stories on life as I see it. I will post my short stories in this blog. A story per month.

These stories revolve around the little aspects of life that impact people deeply. My stories are my way of talking to people and reflect various aspects of life. I do hope you find a bit of you in them.


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